About Us

Artemission.com (Atticart Ltd.) is the leading antiquities gallery online.

A fifth generation family business, the innovative Artemission online gallery was created in 1999 and was the very first e-commerce website for authentic antiquities on the internet.

Based in South Kensington, London, U.K. Artemission specialises in ancient art from Egypt, the Mediterranean and Mesopotamia, as well as Islamic Art and Ancient Jewellery.

For over 50 years regular clients have included private collectors throughout the world as well as galleries and museums. At Artemission we do our own research on items and also seek the opinions of museums, scholars and other experts.

All items come with a Certificate of Authenticity for culture, period, material and size and we provide a lifetime authenticity refund.

For further information please contact Artemission at:

Email: info@artemission.com

Artemission is a member of the Association of International Antiquities Dealers (AIAD) and abides by the Association’s Code of Conduct.


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